Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18


STANTON, Arthur Frederick Aubrey

Loos Memorial
Loos Memorial

Rank: Private
Service No: 15113
Regiment/Service: Essex Regiment 11th Battalion
Died: 26/09/1915 – Killed in action, aged 24
Memorial: Loos Memorial, France – Panel 85 to 87.


Personal Information

Parents: Arthur and Ellen Stanton, Grafton Road Geddington
Born: 1891


Census Information

1901 Census: Grafton Road, Geddington
Arthur Stanton (head) aged 44, Land Surveyor
Ellen Stanton (spouse); Aged 44;
May Stanton (daughter); Aged 19; dressmaker
Ive Stanton (daughter); Aged 14; b. Geddington
Lizzie Stanton (daughter); Aged 12; b. Geddington
Frederick Stanton (son) aged 10; b. Geddington
Roland Stanton (son) aged 8; b Geddington


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2 comments on “Arthur Frederick Aubrey STANTON

  • Anita Shelton says:

    Dear Editor

    Please correct the personal information above that you have for my great uncle.

    Arthur Frederick Aubrey Stanton was my great uncle he was killed at the battle of Loos 26/09/1915 he was 24yrs old he was a carpenter, his younger brother Rowland Charles Stanton also killed at the battle of Loos 26/09/01915 was 22yrs old (Not 18yrs) he worked on the farm for my grandfather Samuel Sherwin.

    My great grandparents Arthur and Ellen Stanton were the parents of Arthur Frederick Aubrey Stanton and Rowland Charles Stanton both boys were born in Geddington and great grandfather was Land Surveyor for Boughton Estate they lived on the Grafton road.

    I have the bronze WW1 commemorative large pennies in the original box for Arthur and Rowland and photos of all the above people from my great aunt Ive’s family album.

    Please telephone me on 01778 343755 when you have made the corrections.

    Kind regards
    Anita Shelton

    • Hello Anita
      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The person who created our Roll of Honour is no longer connected to the website, so we cannot ask him to check his records and adjust where necessary. However, we will do our own checking and correct the errors as soon as we can.
      Also, my apologies for the delay in replying. For some unknown reason, your email finished up in our spam column! At times we don’t get too much spam and as it was the only one there, your wording caught my attention before it was deleted, thank goodness!
      PS You mentioned that you had some historical items, We would be very interested to know more about them and, if possible, to see them. Do you live in or near Geddington?


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