The War Memorial was erected to perpetuate the memory of the fallen – inscribed as follows:

1914-1918 In Loving Memory of the men of Geddington who in the Great War gave their lives for us.

For more information on each entry, please click on the name to open their record.

Geddington War Memorial with poppy wreaths
Geddington War Memorial with poppy wreaths

Not listed on the war memorial

There are six additional WWI soldiers with connections to Geddington, not listed on the war memorial. The War Office notified the families in Geddington – for example, AF Catt previously worked at Boughton House.  At the time of producing this list, we did not know where these men were honoured. However, since then Mr John Bennett has come forward with details about each soldier. We are very grateful to Mr Bennett for supplying this information and, by doing so, enhancing our 1914/1918 Roll of Honour.

3 comments on “Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

  • Dorothy Litman says:

    Very proud to learn of my father’s brother Ernest Slough who was killed in 1917 and is buried in France, also my mother’s uncle Arthur Catt also killed 1917. My father Fred Slough survived the first war and returned thankfully to lead a happy life.

    • Thanks for sharing this with the village. The memorial on the church wall shows all the men who didn’t survive the Great War. A memorial for many village families, even 100 years later.


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