We need your help!

As out villages move into the 21st Century, our Parish Plan needs updating. The Plan helps the Parish Council decide what needs to be done over the next 5-10 years and whether more funding is needed by raising a precept or other means. This short questionnnaire – based on issues raised recently and in the past, and showing any progress made – will help us to find out what you think.

The information you give us will be collated and available for comment & discussion at a drop-inopen day / echibition on Sunday 7 December, 11:00am – 2:00pm at Geddington Village Hall.

Please come along and contribute!

This will also be a chance for you to find out about village societies and clubs who will be invited to publicise their work.

We really need your help in this – we want to for groups to work on some of the ideas to see what can be done and we’d like you to be involved. ┬áIf you can help is, please let us know at the open day or by giving your details in the space at the end of the questionnaire.

If there are any issues we have not covered, please tell us!

Please complete one questionnaire per household and return it by Monday 24th November – maybe use it as an opportunity to get everyone round the table and see what you all think. Thank you!


John Padwick
Parish Councillor – Parish Plan
November 2014

About you

How long have you lived in your village?

Section 1 – Transport

(a) A major aim for the Parish Council for some years has been to the building of the Corby Link Road. This has now been achieved. Looking ahead 5-10 years, are there any further measures that are needed to deal with traffic issues?

(b) The Parish Council and a working group successfully pressed the Northamptonshire County Council to maintain a regular bus service for Geddington. Do you use the number 8 bus?(required)

Section 2 – Safety

(b) Is the lighting in your village adequate?(required)

(c) The Geddington 20pmh speed limit was pressed for and was introduced last year. Has this been effective?

(d) Following concerns about parking in West Street, Queen Street and Wood Street, the Parish Council worked with the County Council to try to tackle the problem. Are there any areas of the villages where parking requires action?

(e) Is there a problem with heavy lorries in your village?

(f) The flooding crisis of Easter 1998 led to the Parish Council working with the Environment Agency and Kettering Borough Council to improve defenses: the flood bund at the top of Wood street and the berm in the Recreation Field. Are there further measures that need to be taken with regard to flooding?

Section 3 – Housing

(a) Many villagers have said that a limited number of more affordable dwellings is needed in order to enable us to continue as mixed communities with housing that can be accessed by village families. Are there any housing issues in your village that need addressing?

(b) What type of housing growth would be acceptable in your village over the next 5-10 years?

Section 4 – Environment

(a) Concern has been expressed by a number of villagers about the amount of dog mess in our streets and other places. Do you see this as a concern that needs further action?

(b) Do you see litter in our villages as a concern that we should be acting on?

(c) Is refuse collecting of an adequate standard?

(d) Is street cleaning of an adequate standard?

Section 5 – Facilities

the Parish Council has improved facilities for young people by building and lighting a path up to the Youth Club and upgrading the play park.

(a) Do you think the facilities in your village for children and young people up to 14 are adequate?

(b) Do you think the facilities for young people 14-19 years are adequate?

(c) Do you think there are any gaps in facilities for adults that should be addressed?

Section 6 – Communication

(a) Are there ways that communication from Parish Council can be improved?

(b) Is your broadband connection adequate?

Section 7

Which are the most important features of your village to you? Please tick as many boxes as you need:

If you would like to assist with the Parish Plan, please give your details: