LogoThe Geddington Brickyard Garden (GBG) is a community project working to transform a former derelict site at the end of Wood Street (known locally as The Brickyard) into a place of natural beauty that generations to come will cherish and enjoy.

Proposed layout
Proposed layout

The idea for the GBG project began in January 2014 when Boughton Estate, the landowners, offered support for initial proposals. Since then, with hard work from many volunteers, huge progress has been made towards realising many of the features of our early layout.

GBG is a long-term project and the wildlife-friendly green space will continually evolve as and when creative ideas, skills, funds and resources make it possible.

Sunday School children planting their raised bed
Sunday School children planting their raised bed

GBG offers outdoor enjoyment for all ages and abilities. Individual raised beds are planted and maintained by local organisations and include a high raised bed for standing and less mobile gardeners.

GBG encourages interest, observation and learning about our natural environment. The community wooden shed has been renovated and offers an outlook over the garden and woods beyond. The shed also provides our youngsters (and adults) with resources for drawing and recording.

GBG is a venue for craft and creative art activities. The GBG mural celebrates the brick making history of the site. Clay bricklets were made by families during our GBG Launch Day in April 2015. Local ceramic artist, Jane Stonebridge, created the design; the Scouts created oak leaves and acorns to adorn the tree and the Sunday School children have added mosaic decoration to the bricklet wall.

GBG also promotes the use of low cost and low maintenance materials by the planting and creative use of recycled/surplus materials donated by local businesses and our community. Several of our raised beds are made from oak roof trusses of the old derelict barns that were demolished for safety reasons.

Most of all, GBG is a work-in-progress and aspires to show what can be achieved with the voluntary help, support and ideas of our local community working together.

Central England Co-operative award, February 2016.
Central England Co-operative award, February 2016.

GBG is a Community Interest Company (CIC). For reasons of personal financial liability, public liability insurance, fund-raising and to ensure that our underlying principles remain on track, our project was registered with Companies House on 4th July 2014, as a Non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) in the name of Geddington Brickyard Garden (CIC), Company No. 9116658. Founding directors are Brenda McCraith (Company Secretary), Ian Kelman and Lynette Litman.

Brenda submits an annual report showing GBG income and expenditure as well as a statement demonstrating how we are achieving our community interest commitment.

How can you get involved?

  • Come along to any GBG Volunteer Sessions at the site (weather permitting) on Thursdays 10.30am til 1pm and Sundays 10.30am til 1pm
  • Help with fund-raising events.
  • Donate recycled materials – timber, topsoil, surplus garden plants etc.
  • Take on an individual or group raised bed – design, plant and maintain.
  • Donate surplus or unwanted seed to ‘GBG Seed Swap’ cabinet situated near the entrance gate during Volunteer Sessions (except winter months).

How to contact us:

Email: gbg.action.group@gmail.com for all queries
Phone: Lynette: 07553 482907 or Brenda and Ian: 01536 743994
Facebook: search for Geddington Brickyard Garden to see photo updates and make comments.