Parish Council Minutes – April 2024

The Parish Council meeting held on April 8, 2024, continued to address several ongoing projects and concerns within the community. Some of the topics covered included:

  1. Community Support for Defibrillators: There was an update on the provision of pediatric pads for defibrillators and discussions on community support structures, although the First Responder was unable to attend due to illness.
  2. Community Shop Project: The council discussed financial arrangements for the community-led shop project, including the handling of a grant from Councillor Rowley’s ward empowerment fund, to be temporarily managed through the Parish Council’s account.
  3. Planning and Infrastructure: Updates were provided on various infrastructure projects, including the closure of certain council offices and the continuation of the car park extension project. The meeting also touched upon planning approvals and maintenance of community facilities.
  4. Flood Plan and Environmental Management: The council discussed ongoing flood management strategies and environmental issues, including tree maintenance and the health and safety concerns related to local church railings.
  5. Financial Management and Precept Concerns: The council addressed concerns about the budget and the precept increase, with plans to communicate more effectively with residents regarding financial decisions.

For more detailed information, the full minutes are available for public viewing.

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