Winners of the Samuel Lee Cryptic Quiz 2023-24 Announced!

Winners Galore at the Samuel Lee Cryptic Quiz 2023-24!  Well, not quite, but we had more participants get all the answers right than we have had in some time: seven very clever people!

Sadly we only had three prizes, so the proverbial hat was brought out, and in front of a fascinated audience of knitting club members, 3 names were drawn and they were:

  • 1st Dilys Murch, from Essex
  • 2nd Val Hasler, from Essex
  • 3rd Sue Backhouse from Rothwell

The other winners were: Deb Jackson – Geddington, Margaret Mason – Kettering, Lella McLean – Corby and Robert Wootton – Geddington.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in this, the first recycled quiz from Archimedes’ library of 23 cryptic quizzes. The reception was so well received that another quiz is planned for later this year. The Charity is also extremely grateful to its treasurer, Anne Clay, for her work in producing this quiz. Her only sadness is that she can no longer take part in it, normally with good results! And finally our thanks to The Café Oak and The Star Inn for help in selling the quizzes.

The Charity’s Christmas distribution to those residents over the age of 75 was carried out in mid-December, with a few new additions and, sadly, a few were no longer on the list. If anyone has reached the age of 75 this year, and would like to be added to the list, please get in touch with me or any Trustee, details below.

A little help can go a long way

Finally, we have funds available, they’re not great, but a little help can make all the difference at a critical moment. So, are you a student who needs equipment for your apprenticeship? Or a parent whose child would like to go on a school trip? Or a householder who needs a new appliance? Or do you have one of a hundred-and-one other needs of modern life, but whose finances can’t quite stretch that far? Or do you know someone who might need our help? If so, we are here to help. Either contact the secretary on 742292 or speak to one of the Trustees listed below. And please be assured that any request is kept entirely confidential – the Charity does not engage in means testing.

Trustee details

The Trustees and their contact details, should you wish to get in touch, are:

  • Jim Harker OBE (Chairman) – 07468 588489
  • Nick Batchelor – 07876 083178
  • Anne Clay (Treasurer) – 01536 460616
  • Jane Charlton-Jones – 07818 066904
  • Paul Hopkins – 01536 742292
  • Bryan McCreery – 07825 125672

Pam Hopkins (Secretary)
Tel: 01536 742292, email:

The Samuel Lee Charity
A Community Fund for the Parish of Geddington & Newton

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