NFN triumphs at The Star’s Quiz Night

Once again, at The Star charity night, we were squashed together, happy that we could do the Quiz ! The Woman’s Institute was the charity and, boy, was the raffle alcoholic! This made us all pleased as punch. We raised £200 and 20p for our efforts!

Most of the thirteen teams grumbled about the Proverbs/Picture Round (which will not be repeated) but as I said to Gordon ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’.

In third place with 81 points was Geddington Goers and in second place with 82 points was Motley Crew. As I often say to Gordon ‘A miss is as good as a mile’.

First place was NFN with 85 points. Well done NFN, back on form!

The next Quiz is on Tuesday 7th May and it is in aid of The Friends Of the Church. Don’t forget to book your tables AND numbers so that Richard can squeeze you all in. As I say to Gordon ‘ One volunteer is worth ten pressed men’. We shall see . The proof of the pudding is in the eating ! I’m glad Proverbs are over, it makes very odd conversations with Gordon!

Jackie Binley

Book your tables at the Star Inn directly on 01536 745990


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