English Heritage hints at future for Eleanor Cross

Thanks for all your messages and comments.  This was indeed an April Fool’s post although I’m not sure if we really managed to fool many of you!  We will endeavor to try harder next year! -Ed.

A petition from hundreds of Brigstock villagers has been delivered to English Heritiage, demanding work to be done on the ancient monument.

A local historian’s campaign to move the Eleanor Cross back to it’s original location, took a step closer to completion today, when a petition with hundreds of signatures was delivered to the offices of English Heritage.

Now, after a long campaign by Brigstock resident and amateur historian, Edward Plant, English Heritage has confirmed that they are considering the request.  A spokesperson for the charity that manages over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places said “It should never have been in Geddington in the first place.”


1820s sketch of the Eleanor Cross in its original location, in Brigstock. It was moved to Geddington in 1831 after a dispute between the two villages.

We spoke to Geddington’s own celebrity historian (who has asked to remain anonymous), who was furious at the decision.  “The Eleanor Cross was won, fair and square, in a competition between the two villages.  In 1829, Geddington residents challenged the villagers of Brigstock to a ‘Tournament of Strength’, which we all now know as the forerunner to Geddington’s annual “Battle of the Brook,” he said.


This Artist’s impressions of what might replace the cross was found, hidden, in the back of the January Parish Council minutes.


An artist’s impression of what might replace the cross was found in the back of the January Parish Council minutes.  Among the suggestions for it’s replacement were: a memorial bench to the former Queen, a community paddling pool, or even a statue of a firefighter in honour of our beloved GVFB.


A spokesperson for english Heritage, Elinor Castle, simply laughed when asked about the situation.

With the move scheduled for “soon”, the English Hertiage spokesperson said, “Those that have got this far into the article and still believe it, should check today’s date before commenting”.


Could this be the future for Geddington?


4 comments on “English Heritage hints at future for Eleanor Cross

  • Peter Goode says:

    Very informative article with excellent illustrations. I shall be chaining myself to the cross later today in protest … regular deliveries of snacks will be appreciated.

  • Gordon and Jackie Binley says:

    We have always thought that the Eleanor Cross spoils the view from our front window when we want to look at the Bridge.
    Well done for doing what everyone else is thinking.

  • Jim Harker says:

    It’s making me feel very CROSS to read of this proposal! Especially as we were about to reintroduce squirrel racing up the cross for this year’s summer fete. Brigstock should stick to riding to hounds!


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