Quiz results are in!

Last night (Tuesday) was The Star Charity night in aid of Samuel Lees Charity and 14 teams took part.

Welcome to the Pirates! Hope you come again! First of all apologies to Queen St. Runners who had an unfortunate ‘incident’ on their team. Their table tipped over, causing all their drinks to be splashed over all of you. But still they continued, as true professional Quiz team that they are, and came in second equal with 85 points, along with The Topical Team.

Equal 4th with 84 points were Geddington Goers and Old Bags.

The winner of the evening with 88 points was the inspired Carole and Co. They get to admire the Cup for a good 10 minutes until Gordon, the custodian, took it away for safe-keeping.

The raffle was excellent and the Music Round was perfect, thanks to John Hobbs. £218 was raised for Samuel Lees charity.

The next Quiz is on Tuesday 27th February and is in aid of Kettering Lions. I’m sure Queen St Runners will have a sturdy table with plentiful space and charming chairs but don’t count on it. PLEASE book your team and numbers so that the bar staff can allocate the space wisely.

Jackie Binley

The Star Inn – 01536 745990

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