Parish Council Minutes – January 2024

The Parish Council meeting held on January 8th, 2024, covered several important topics for the community.

Key points discussed:

  • Stone pit leases for Youth Club and GVFB
    The Parish Council has chosen Tollers Solicitors for the Stone Pit leases after a detailed comparison, with a proposal to negotiate a reduction in their quote to match the nearest competitor’s. Draft leases are expected to be submitted soon.
  • Village Hall Car Park Project
    The Parish Council is considering the Finance Committee’s suggestion to pay for the first two stages of the car park project simultaneously, allowing for an earlier VAT reclaim, contingent on satisfactory completion of the initial groundwork.
  • Flooding update
    Concerns were raised about the lack of sandbags during recent flooding, and discussions were held about responsibilities and preventive measures.

Other points included discussions on local environmental efforts, such as pond maintenance and the proposal for a “learning” footpath. Financial matters were also addressed, including the approval of expenditures and considerations for the upcoming budget.

For more detailed information, the full minutes are available for public viewing.

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