Parish Council Minutes – October 2023

The October minutes of the Geddington, Newton, and Little Oakley Parish Council meeting are now available for download on  These were delayed while waiting to be approved at the December meeting.  The November minutes will be approved at the January meeting

Key topics discussed include:

  • Stone Pit Land: The Parish Council finalized a wayleave agreement for the Stone Pit land. This involves backdated payments for land rental from National Grid, not covered by Boughton Estates’ wayleave agreement.  As for the lease renewals for the Youth Club and GVFB, the Parish Council are seeking additional quotes for legal work.
  • Village Facebook Group Transfer: It was proposed and agreed that the administration of the village’s Facebook page be transferred to the team. The Parish Council will establish its own Facebook page and have a controlled page on for official communications.
  • The Post Office: There was a discussion about the future of the old Post Office, currently owned by Boughton Estates. The council considered purchasing it, acknowledging that substantial subsidies and renovations would be needed. A questionnaire will be sent to village households to gauge interest in the shop and the funding of its purchase through a precept.
  • Car Park Extension: The expected completion date is now March 2024.

Since this meeting, we have had an update on the Post Office questionnaire via Facebook and it has been confirmed that there were not enough responses to persue the option of the Parish Council buying and running the shop.  Boughton Estates are therefore continuing to look for a new owner.

All Parish Council minutes can be downloaded here.

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