Exhibition – Celebrating 100 years of change

A Women’s Institute in action

It all started in January 1923 when Mrs Frank Berrill of Newton agreed to become the first President of Geddington & Newton WI.

The WI was itself only 5 years old but its ethos of supporting women in their community through education and social change proved to have a very wide appeal.

In 1923 Geddington and Newton had less than 1000 inhabitants in approximately 200 homes.

The roll of inaugural members shows 92 members – 1 in every second household and by the second month this had almost doubled.

If you are a Dainty, Crick, Chapman, Clipstone or a Walpole, Tebbutt or Knight the chances are one of your family was a founder member.

Over the years the WI has worked locally, nationally and internationally to support women and their communities.

One of the first initiatives was the WI’s proposal for a Village Hall in Geddington and the raising of start up funding. In more recent years it has sent parcels to worn torn Bosnia, created our village sign, run a Warm Winter Hub and is currently working with the parish council to monitor water quality in the River Ise. It also continues to support the charity ‘Associated Country Women of the World’ which provides everything from tractors to training for women in less developed countries around the world.

Not just ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ but a force for good in a changing world

Do come along to our exhibition and explore our history and that of Geddington a little more ……… there will be jam and cakes too!!

Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th November  11:00Am – 4:00pm

Village Hall Geddington • Free admission

There will also be a display of Remembrance for the Geddington men and women who gave their lives in the two world wars.

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