Stolen cables bring down landlines again in village

Once again, thieves have stolen some of BT’s telephone cables and in doing so, left significant parts of Geddington & Newton without a landline – again!

Our reporter spoke to the engineers working on the Newton to Little Oakley Road, where the thefts occurred. They confirmed that all the work they had been doing since the first theft in July, had been undone. It appears that the thieves lift up the manhole covers along that road, cut the cables and pull them out.

They continued: “Each cable contains thousands of wires and every household has 4 wires in its landline.” It’s no wonder that some lines get crossed and that the whole process takes so long.

The Newton to Little Oakley Road is not the most widely used. It is frequently prone to waste dumping, and now to cable theft.

If anybody sees anything or anybody suspicious along this road, please report it to BT and the Police.

It may be worth noting that the wire in the cable is made of copper. It cannot be easily identified and so can be sold very easily by the thieves.

The new fibre optics that BT have started to install, does not have the same appeal to thieves. However, its main drawback is that a power cut means the household does not have the use of its landline.