Geddington – A Royal Village Exhibition

Thank you to all of you who came along to our Exhibition. Weeks of work proved more than worthwhile and we hope you were pleased to see so much of our village.

We tried to show the Royal connections to the village, and Vic Crouse’s display showed some of the earliest ones.
We also tried to show the people and events during the 70 year of HM the Queen’s reign, by allocating a table (or two) to each decade.

A special table was allocated to the May Day custom and our thanks to Brenda Miles for the loan of the two dresses. Thank you to all those who came forward with new information about May Day participants.

And where would we have been without the special addition of the W.I and their famous teas and cakes? Thank you so much for producing such a pretty 50s Tea Room.

There is always a lot of people to thank on these occasions and our list comprises of:
Jack Harker and Neil Harvey
Vic Crouse
No 3 Queen Street
Café Oak
The Copy Shop, Studfall Avenue, Corby
Brenda Miles (and Rebecca) for the loan of the May Day dresses
Alan Jones, Jenna Smith and Paul Hopkins
Quiz and Newsletter deliverers
Geddington Primary School
Esther Gordon for the flowers in reception
Andrew Heald
All past and present contributors to the Archive on the village website

However, no list is always complete, so if you gave us any help to produce this Exhibition, please accept our very grateful thanks.

Janet & Pam

5 comments on “Geddington – A Royal Village Exhibition

  • Brenda M says:

    It was a super exhibition, and very professional! I was thrilled to see a photo of the Brickworks at the bottom of Clay Dick from a hundred years ago! Wonderful tea and cakes too! Thanks all

  • Jane Tysoe says:

    Excellent exhibition with a lot of interesting information over a long time span. Well done for putting it all together.

    • Thank you Jane, and Brenda, for those encouraging words. So pleased that there was so much there to interest you. Thank you also to all those who spoke to us during last weekend’s exhibition.
      Just wish this, and all the other information and objects that we have, could be on permanent display. We know that the collection would be added to, as more people realise just what they have in drawers, attics and cupboards.
      History is all around us – and in our houses.

  • Mrs Valerie Bellamy says:

    Congratulations to all who organized all the events for the jubilee celebration.
    Coming together is a beginning, working together is progress and staying together is success. Thank You. Val Bellamy

    • Thank you Val, your sentiments express what so many people feel, particularly in this special village of Geddington!

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