Beating the Bounds 2022

Beating the Bounds is an old English custom, not often practised these days, although still observed in some parts of the country. Traditionally it involves swatting local landmarks with branches, to maintain a shared local map of parish boundaries.

Last week we showed how it was done 30 years ago, this year the church of St Mary Magdalene have invited you to do that walk again on Saturday 28th May.

However, there are some differences, as explained below, and shown on the map:
Walk 1 approx, 6 miles, starting at the Cross at 10.30am
then lunch at Cobley Lodge at 1pm
Walk 2 approx 3 miles, leaving Cobley Lodge at 2pm, arriving back at the Cross at approximately 3pm.

This is a sponsored walk raising money for the church. Minimum sponsorship is £10 for adults and £2 per child (includes drinks and lunch). So join in for as little or as much as you would like.