Poppies – the final word


That figure is the amount that was raised by selling hand-knitted poppies this autumn. The Knitting Club members thinks that it was well worth the effort, and the Royal British Legion were also pleased with the donation:

There are many people to thank for this result. First of all, the knitters who made the poppies over several months, many of whom were non-members to start with. Secondly, the sellers who made space for the poppies: Bernie from the Cafe Oak and Revd Gillian Gamble from the Church, and not forgetting those very helpful and thoughtful people who took poppies to their places of work, such as schools, hospitals and shops etc. All vital sources of funds. We also thank all those residents in Geddington, who supported this new idea (tradition?) by buying a poppy.

We cannot say how many poppies were actually sold, as it was noticeable that, at times, there was more cash in the tin, than poppies taken. But they all count and we were able to use several hundred of the poppies without pins attached, in the decorations in the churchyard and church.

The message from the RBL mentions ‘your card‘, because being such an informal club, it does not have a bank account. Instead I banked the money and paid the RBL online with a debit card. Not unsurprisingly, a large part of the money was in coins. As an aside, and it being one of my hobby horses, if there was no cash in this country, how would charities, and their fund-raisers, manage to collect these small amounts? Would you have bothered to buy a poppy for a £1, if you had had to use a credit or debit card?

But I digress. The main message in this Post, is to say thank you both from Geddington Knitting Club and the Royal British Legion and, as the RBL says:

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