Halloween Advice

Northamptonshire Police has sent this advice out to all public bodies, including our Parish Council, who kindly passed it to geddington.net for publication.


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With the Rule of Six banning gatherings of more than six people many parents will be wondering how to mark Halloween this year.

Traditional trick-or-treating is not advised as we all continue to try and stop the spread of Covid-19.

An alternative approach suggested for parents on social media, which the Force and partners are endorsing, draws on the rainbow challenge which proved so popular in the spring.

People who want to be involved in Halloween can display pictures of pumpkins in their windows in the run-up to October 31. Then parents/guardians can go out with their dressed-up children and try to find them. If so desired, the adult can give the child a treat every time they spot a pumpkin.

Laura Jones, Prevention Manager for Northamptonshire Police, said: “For many young children dressing up and going out with friends and family trick-or-treating is a highlight of their year and we understand not being able to do this will be upsetting for them, especially when they’ve already had such a tough 2020.

“Traditional trick-or-treating is not advised this year, as we all do our best to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“We hope the approach we are endorsing will allow children to dress up and feel like they’ve taken part in Halloween, in a Covid-secure way. There is no need for families to mix with other households.

We urge parents of older children to talk to them about why it’s advised they don’t take part in trick-or-treating this year and to respect other people’s decision not to take part.

Fines of £200 can be issued to anyone gathering in a group of six or more, inside or outside. Anyone hosting a house party with more than six people in attendance can be issued with a £10,000 fine.

This advice is subject to change, should the guidance/legislation from Government change before October 31, 2020. Please keep an eye on our website for up-to-date information.

A number of posters for children to colour in are available to download from the links below.

Traditional Halloween pre-covid scene

Pumpkin poster

We also have a no trick or treating poster which is available to download from the link below.

‘No Trick-or-Treating’