A Star Quiz

The Star Inn will be re-starting the fortnightly quizzes (YES!) from Tuesday 22 September.

There will be, however, new rules and regulations, which is only to be expected.

The most relevant ones are:

  • there can be no raffle, but instead the entry fee will be doubled to £2 per person, and all proceeds to the nominated charity (in next week’s case, the Samuel Lee Charity)
  • start time 8.30pm with a maximum of 15 teams, and teams to be a maximum of 6 which, ideally, should be from a maximum of two households.
  • tables must be BOOKED
  • drinks must be ordered from the table, between rounds
  • bring your own pens

With these sensible precautions, it feels that we can have a (new) normal, sociable evening, and help a village charity as well.