V.E. Anniversary request

Are you in this photograph of a street party in Wood Street?

Or are you a descendant of one of these people celebrating VE Day in 1945?

If so, you may be interested in the following request that we have had in an email from Charlotte Simpson, from BBC News.
Charlotte says: Hi Pam – I’m from the BBC. Trying to track down any relatives of the people in this picture who might live on Wood Street still. Are you aware of any? We’d love to try and speak to them and other residents living there now about their plans this year – even though they’ll be socially distant.
If you would like to contact Charlotte Simpson, her email address is: charlotte.simpson02@bbc.co.uk
URL: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news

The names of many of the people in the picture are as follows, but as the editors of The Newsletter said at the time of publishing it: “We don’t guarantee accuracy, but the following may be among those that were there.

John Abrahams; the late Mrs Banwell, Mrs Bateman & Mrs Berridge; Barbara & Sheila Bishop; June, Frieda & Michael Blanchard; Anne Brooks; the late Mrs Brown; John Bumpus (reputed to be the last evacuee in Northamptonshire to return home); Mrs E Chamberlain, Loris, Susan and Brenis, and the late Olive Chamberlain; Mrs E Chamberlain; Mrs E Chapman; the late Mrs Clipstone, Mavis & Jean Clipstone; R Coleman; Mrs Daisy Coles and Sylvia (now Proctor); Michael Coombs (evacuee); the late Mrs Cooper, David (Chick) & June (now Flecknor); Mrs L Crick, Barbara & Iris; Jill Dart; the Late Mrs Freeman; Mrs B Howes & Betty (now Toseland); Mrs Daisy Hyde & Colin; the late Mrs Johnson & Chris Johnson; Mrs E Julyans; Terry & Vincent Kirkman (evacuees); the late Tommy Lane; David Marlow; Mrs Iris Masterton & Rachel; Mrs Doll Moreton & Donald (evacuees); Mrs Perkins; Mrs Nancy Rowney & Peter (in high chair); Margaret Rich (now Pearson); the late Bill Sharp (of The Royal George) & Janet; Mrs Slough and the late Malcolm (Dick) Slough; Millie Staines (now Ferguson) & Rodney; A Thompson; Pauline Tracy & the late Ivan Tracey; the late Mrs Ada Toseland, Jayne & Bernard; Mr & Mrs Fred Ward; Mrs Rene Weekley & Anne; Joannie Wilding (evacuee); and Bill Wood junior.

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  • Joannie Wilding is my Nan. She’s 83 now and was very touched when I showed her this photo. She was almost 9 when this was taken.

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