Hats Galore!

Keep calm and carry on, is exactly what the Knitting Club members are doing at the moment, although with the obvious precautions, as recommended by health officials.

Earlier this year, the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade had requested from the Club, some warm and woolly hats that would complement the Brigade’s uniform. Members were delighted to oblige and some 25 of the burgundy and gold hats were speedily knitted in two different patterns and three different knitting styles. For the sake of accuracy, they are made in Stocking Stitch, Double Rib and Fisherman’s Rib. Pom Poms were not requested!

Friday the 13th March saw a number of members gathered on their usual meeting day, time and place (Friday, 10am, Cafe Oak) to present the hats to GVFB representative James McLean, Community Officer of the GVFB.

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