Knitting Club’s 1st Anniversary coming up

The Knitting Club celebrates its first anniversary in March, but we started the New Year on 10th January, with a 20+ get-together at our usual meeting place, Café Oak – its first Friday opening after the Christmas break.

The year had passed with several completed community projects under our needles. The three blankets made from 6” squares went to care homes that had a connection to Geddington – all had former village residents. All blankets had beautifully crocheted edges, thanks to Georgie Ward. (We’re not just knitters – we have other skills!)

The Club had been asked to make hats for the three children in ‘The Railway Children’ the autumn production from Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society. This was not a club-wide project, in fact it was just one member, Jean Gingell, who produced several draft samples, before the exact size and colouring were achieved. So well did they look, that Jean has received several commissions for the beret-style hats!

It was suggested in August, that we enter the Christmas Tree Festival. A pattern was fairly easily found for 4inch high knitted angels. The choice of colour, white/silver, was quickly made and each knitter (and there were several) put their own stamp on the angels with different faces. And so, ‘Angels from the Skeins of Glory’, were created. The Festival competition hadn’t entered our heads, but even so, we were delighted to achieve third place. Thank you to all those who voted for our tree. We had decided to sell the Angels after the Festival and the Café Oak offered to do so for us. The following Monday saw one of the trees being trundled down to Queen Street and four of us spent a pleasant hour or so, decorating the tree – again! Café Oak closed for Christmas, so the tree, and its Angels, were transferred to the church. We had talked about prices, but couldn’t agree on one, so decided that a donation for each angel was probably the best way. Again, thank you to all those who donated, a wonderful £197.65 was raised and given to the church for their funds.

A host of angels.

So what next? A number of projects have been suggested, but we want to keep to the original philosophy, which is that of contributing to our community.  But whatever it is, we can be found every Friday morning, 10 – 11.30am, at Café Oak, doing what we do best, knitting and nattering!