GVFB Spring Clean

The 29th February dawned very wet indeed, with drenching rain, but this did not deter the Spring Clean Volunteers who turned up at 9am, as requested – well most of them did, but the stragglers were just as welcome. Eventually a group of more than two dozen people from pensioners to pre-schoolers gathered around the Cross.

Amazingly, the rain stopped long enough for Peter Faulkner, GVFB’s Ise Section Leader, to give bags, hoops, pickers and instructions to everyone who needed them and they all set off.

The section of the village to be cleaned today was primarily Newton Road, but there were enough volunteers to tackle Kettering Road as well. Peter explained that it is not just the obvious items of rubbish they collect, but they delve deep into the undergrowth and clear years of litter, making each area of the village, that much cleaner and, perhaps, they won’t have to do it so much in years to come.

Whilst I was downloading these images from my camera, I couldn’t help but feel very sorry for the volunteers, as it chucked it down with yet more rain, but then, more like March weather than February, the sun came out and blue sky was all round.

The amount of rubbish is always amazing, none more so then today. There were at least a dozen bags of rubbish collected from each section on the couple of hours the volunteers were at work. Whilst taking this picture in Newton Road, I was closely monitored by a number of Red Kites, one of which can be seen in the image just above the tree in the middle distance. Thank you Justin, for the Kettering Road image, sent via Facebook.

With a pre-arranged collection by Kettering & Corby Borough Council in place, the bags will be taken away on Monday morning.

Many, many thanks must go to all the volunteers, from all village residents. The difference can be seen.

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