KBC Local Plan Consultation

A consultation evening of two hours, from 5-7pm, was held on 14 January in the Village Hall. The ‘Local Plan’ was set out, not on large paper screens to easily see what we should have been looking at, but in several 1/2″ thick manuals, covering the whole Borough. The pages concerning Geddington covered 7 pages. Three KBC staff were on hand to answer questions.

The Post that was put on this site last week didn’t make it very clear how to reach these pages online, so we have brought them to this Post for ease of reading. Whilst Grafton Road, Grange Road and Kettering Road are heavily featured and will be affected directly, there is no doubt that the centre and south of the village will also be heavily affected. Do please spare some time to look at the pages featured here. But if you want to go online, here is the link:
Any comments you may wish to make, have to be received by KBC by 5.30pm on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Rural Area General policies

Click on each image to enlarge where necessary.

3 comments on “KBC Local Plan Consultation

  • Peter Goode says:

    Well done Pam for downloading and displaying the information as this does make it very simple for anyone to study it. To make comments people do have to go online to the page shown in your link where you do have to register before it allows you to lodge any comment, but this is simple to do and there is no risk of being inundated with Spam. Thanks Peter

  • Camille Hulett says:

    Are there still paper copies somewhere for people without access to the internet to view do you know please? Many thanks

    • Hello Camille
      Kettering Borough Council Planning Department will have paper copies. If you ask at the desk they will bring one to you. As far as I know, there is nowhere, or no-one, who has a paper copy, although it may be worth asking the Parish Clerk – Anita Curtis. Parish Chairman – Nick Batchelor, or Planning Chairman – Claire Buckseall. Email addresses in the drop down menu of ‘Parish Council’ on the front page of this website.

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