The Finished Project

The Knitting Club
has finished its
first project.

January 2019 saw the start of this new social club and its first aim was to knit 6″ squares to make into warm, snug blankets to be given to those who could make best use of them. We considered care homes to be the most favourable recipients.

The first two blankets, knitted during the spring and summer, were donated to Westhill Park and Thorndale Care Homes, where former Geddington residents were now living. Autumn saw the third blanket knitted, sewn together and completed with a beautiful and signature crocheted edge.

This blanket was taken along to The Old Vicarage Care Home in Weekley, where former resident, Don Brown, had been living. To our dismay and much sadness, we discovered that Don had recently passed away (his funeral is on Monday 2nd December, 2.30pm, at Kettering Crematorium). However, we considered that rather than be deterred, we would continue with our plan and donate it in Don’s memory.

The staff at The Old Vicarage were, as is so often at these homes, very kind, very welcoming, and very sad at Don’s passing. We chatted for quite some time before leaving them to get on with their daily duties.

The Knitting Club has a membership of about 25 ladies, although we have not restricted membership to just the one sex! It’s just happened that way. Not all the ladies have contributed squares to the blankets, but continue with their own projects on the Friday mornings that we meet at Cafe Oak. Not all ladies attend every Friday; it’s a very easy-going club. Not all ladies who come along know how to knit; it’s a worthwhile point to make, that these ladies now know how to knit.

Geddington village is one that has surprising qualities, none more so than when it helps communities, both in and outside the village.