Y2K Do you remember this?



Remember this?


If you do, then you probably went to the Geddington Amazing Millennium Experience, the biggest party ever held at the Village Hall, on Friday 31st December 1999, and this red and gold metal badge was your entry ticket.

Your village website will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary (yes! 20 years! Amazing isn’t it? Sometimes it seems much longer ago than that) of that amazing party. We will be putting an article on the website and would like to include any photographs or memories that you have about that occasion. As treasurer of the G.A.M.E. committee, I received much of the documentation that such an event produces, and as I don’t throw much away, I still have a considerable collection of it, which I will put in the article.

However, photographs are few and far between. In those days (golly that makes you feel old when you say that, but I’ll carry on), photography was so different then. Cameras on phones? No way, the first one wasn’t produced until November 2000 or June 2002 (phone companies are vying for that ‘first’). So I’m asking if anyone who had a handheld camera and took photos, under the quite difficult conditions in one of the three marquees erected in the car park, or inside the Village Hall during the Disco, or watching the gigantic TV screen on the stage, or even standing on the tennis courts to watch the fireworks, to contact me. Please?

If you have no photographs, then memories would be good, very good. There were over 340 guests and, whilst many have left the village, and there were many house guests – that still leaves plenty of current village residents (and I have the list!) with their memories. Look forward to hearing from you – please!

So a deadline – always useful. I hope to Post the article in December, so photos and memories by 30 November – latest! Thank you very much.

Now Pam Hopkins, and with an email address: editor@geddington.net.