Knitting Club

The Knitting Club continues to thrive at the Cafe Oak on Friday mornings, 10 – 11.30am. However, cafe owners, Bernie & Sharon are taking a holiday and the Cafe will be closed from Friday 25 October to 4 November, open again on the 5th. We are meeting at Jean’s house on Newton Road for the next two Fridays. Best to leave cars on the road.

Project One for the Club was to knit double-bed sized blankets using 96 x 6″ squares. The first one was completed using shades of blue, grey and white, with a scalloped crochet edge in grey. This was donated early in October.

Three weeks later, the second blanket, completed in multi-coloured squares and finished with a scalloped crochet edge in red, was donated to Thorndale Care Home in Kettering. Resident Mick Hodgkinson, a former Geddington resident, was pleased to see both the blanket and some familiar faces from the village. Mick goes to the Beeswing Pub on a regular basis. In the images above, he admires the new addition to his home. Also in the images are Jean, Nicky, Pam and Rea Ballard, Activities Co-ordinator at Thorndale.

View from Thorndale Care Home

The image above shows the view from the rear of the Home. The very large building under construction will be the Avery Park Care Home on Rockingham Road and the Beeswing’s chimneys can be seen at the extreme left on the horizon.

Project 2, coming to fruition as we speak, is to decorate a Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Festival in December. A host of sparkly white angels – and more than a few sparkly stars – will grace the tree, knitted by many of the clubs’ members. We all had the same pattern to work from, but it is quite interesting to see how each member has interpreted the pattern slightly differently each time – it will make for a very interesting exhibition of knitting.