The Real Junk Food Project

“The Junk Food Project is a global movement aiming to abolish surplus food, through a variety of Pay As You Feel concepts.

International and local partners work to intercept food destined for landfill and redistribute it through a network of Pay As You Feel Sharehouses, Cafes and School Partnerships.”

So what does that mean for Geddington?
And how can the village support this Project?

Fortunately, the answer is quite easily found, because Geddington has its own local partner in the form of village resident, Sheri Murby and, at the moment, a small team of volunteers.

Sheri collects supermarket food, between the ‘sell by’ dates and before it goes to the landfill and then offers it at the Chapel Rooms on Queen Street, every Friday morning from 9 – 9.30am.  It’s quite simple, just pop down and fill your bag, or bags, and put a donation in the money tin – as much, or as little, as you feel you can, or the food warrants it. It may be for your family’s benefit or a neighbour’s benefit. No questions asked. Sheri is just delighted if all the food goes off the tables, because it means it is being used and not wasted.

And what sort of food? Lots of vegetables, of course, but when I went, there was also bread, rolls, fruit, some prepared and containered food and even some single red roses, well it was soon after St Valentine’s Day!

Sheri says not all the food gets taken, and the leftovers go to the Northampton’s depot where it is used in Elsie’s Cafe, which plays a major part in Northamptonshire’s Pay As You Feel Project.

Sheri also offers the food in Kettering on Mondays at the Grange School, but she is looking for a permanent venue and when that happens, she will need many more volunteers. Presently, members of the Geddington & Newton Women’s Institute help out, but offers of more help will be very welcome.

To find out more about this project, visit: