The Parish Council, Anglian Water & Pollution has received the following, seasonal, message from the Parish Council
– it’s well worth the read!

Geddington Parish Council is working in partnership with Anglian Water to remind residents that we all need to play our part to help look after our loos, sinks and the environment.

Around 80 per cent of blockages in sewer pipes and pumps are avoidable, as they are caused by fats, oils, grease and unflushable items like wipes, which may also contain hidden plastics.

Four out of five sewer floodings in homes, and pollution incidents, are caused by a blockage, so it’s in all of our interests to minimise the risk by putting unflushable items in the bin and only flushing the 3Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

Wipes, sanitary waste, fats, oil and grease all build up over time and cause blocked pumps – as well as pipes – stopping water flowing freely. At Christmas, there is also an additional risk from extra cooking with people tempted to pour used cooking oil down the sink instead of waiting until it is cool and recycling it or binning it.

Over the coming months, the Parish Council will be working more closely with Anglian Water on how we can all play a part to bin waste appropriately, help safeguard our pumps and the role they play in protecting the environment from potential flooding and pollution.

Here in Geddington, residents are reminded that if a downstairs toilet won’t flush properly, or if they suspect any pollution issues, please contact the Anglian Water 24-hour helpline on 03457 145145 – lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, calls free from BT landline.

Anglian Water suggest that to enhance information gathering, a note is made of time, date, visual record and weather conditions in the following way:

What have you seen?
Can you describe it?
Is it flowing?
How big is it?
When did you notice it?
Where is it?
Is it near a landmark?
Is it near or in a watercourse?
What are the weather conditions?

Report from Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council