Christmas Tree Festival Report

Margaret Leaton and Vic Crouse wish to thank everyone who came along to support the Christmas Tree Festival held on the 8th and 9th December at the Church of St Mary Magdalene. We are very pleased to report that with your generosity, a grand sum of approximately £2000 was raised and this will be added to the funds for the upkeep of our church. That is a superb result and puts the topping on a brilliant week-end especially as we do not have any major sponsorships for this event.

Every club, society and individual who entered a tree is to be congratulated for providing a wonderful display with such a wide variety of themes and decorations, many of which were painstakingly hand made.  As a result, we wanted you to know that there has been a great deal of generous, complimentary and encouraging feedback for which we are most grateful. It was absolutely wonderful to see the church full to bursting with people most of the time.

Geddington Christmas Tree Festival

The Festival is one of the main fund raising events for the church and we hope that we can continue the tradition again next year. Anyone is free to take part and decorate a tree and it is important to have adequate numbers so that we can fill our beautiful church and put on a good show.

Huge thanks are also extended to the many volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks throughout the week-end including the non-stop catering, especially Jane Rowley and her team for the Sunday stint.

Thanks also to Jane Rowley for producing the Nativity Pantomime on the Friday evening – it was Fab-u-lous!!

Next year we will be welcoming our new vicar and we can look forward to new ideas and possible changes affecting our church events. However, we are sure that many of our traditions will continue and the more support that we have from all of you, the better and more enjoyable the events become.

A massive thanks to everyone and meantime, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year.

Vic sent this report just prior to Christmas, so we apologise for the delay in publishing, but I’m sure the message of thanks will still be well received, and well deserved – Ed.

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  • Hazel Freeman says:

    A big well done to everyone for their hard work with both the Panto and the Christmas Tree decorating. Thank you for making the whole experience so enjoyable

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