Autumn – a season of colour and variety

The weather earlier this year – wet in winter and cold in spring – has lead to a huge variety of strong autumnal colours, both in the countryside and in our gardens. I believe the colours are more intense this year.


I post a few images here to show this. If you have any you would like to share, we’d be delighted to see and post them.

Most of the fruit and berries are/were food for the birds – still some on the plants.

Then there were the mammals. We had a number of interesting visitors, some came briefly, others are regulars, but not all were welcome.

Can’t claim the Red Kite actually visits my garden, but he’s been flying over it ever since he fledged in July.

And finally, three of the cream of the village buildings in November weather conditions.

By the way, the holly berries at the top of this post are on the holly bush in the churchyard. When I took this image, I found something rather surprising.  If you walk up the path past the church towards Church Hill, you will see the bush and berries, which cover this side of the bush, but if you go to the rear of the bush, where it faces north, there are none! If you know why this is, please email me with an answer. Thanks, Pam

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