The Road to Peace

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is marking the end of the First World War centenary, with 120 personal stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the last months of the war.


The Road to Peace campaign marks the last ‘100 days’ of the First World War, from 8 August to 11 November, with 120 stories from the 120,000 men and women, who served and made the ultimate sacrifice in that time, detailing their diversity.

Starting on 8 August – the 100th anniversary of the Allied victory at the battle of Amiens – the “Road to Peace” campaign will conclude on 11 November with the stories of 11 people who died on the very last day of the First World War, even as the guns fell silent.

The campaign will include the life of Horace Walpole, a former Co-op factory worker, who lived in Wood Street, Geddington, before signing up on 11 September 1917, aged 17, with the Anson Battalion. Royal Naval Division. Horace’s story will be told on on 11th November, the day he died.

CWGC historian Max Dutton explained: “Behind every one of our headstones or names on a memorial to the missing, is a human story just waiting to be told. Our 100 day ‘Road to Peace’ campaign will remind people of the human cost of the Great War, the sheer diversity of those who took part and the global nature of that sacrifice and remembrance today.

We hope it will help humanise this period of history and inspire people to visit both well-known and off the beaten track CWGC cemeteries and memorials where these men and women are remembered.

“The Road to Peace also reaffirms our commitment to go on remembering our war dead for now, for the next 100 years, and forever.”

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