The BBC’s DIYSOS programme is the longest running show of its format, having been shown for over 17 years.

When Gordon Binley saw his first DIYSOS programme, the BBC programme that makes dreams come true for very deserving families, he decided to respond to the call for volunteers.


The project was to enlarge a 2-bedroom house to a 4-bedroom house in just 9 days. Quite a major undertaking, but one that the DIYSOS Team are used to dealing with and one that was familiar to watchers of this programme.  What was unfamiliar, was the age of this particular volunteer. Unlike his fellow workers in their 20s, 30s and even 40s, Gordon is 74, but his skills are ageless (and endless) and as the project was in dire need of carpenters, he was eagerly taken on for the project in West Bromwich, Birmingham.

Another unusual aspect of Gordon’s volunteering, was that  he offered to stay in a hotel near the site, unlike his fellow workers who all lived within travelling distance. On the plus side, he was given 3 meals a day from a wide-ranging menu.

The full story of Gordon’s adventure appeared on pages 24-26 in the Autumn 2017 issue of The Geddington, Newton & Great Oakley Newsletter (available from the Post Office, Queen Street, Geddington). For those outside these villages, this is a quarterly publication distributed free to all households in the villages.

What is not in the magazine, is the date that Gordon’s episode will be broadcast. However, we’re delighted to relay the information that Gordon has just received, and that the broadcast date is:

Wednesday 14 March 2018