People and places of Geddington – Lee’s Way Part 5

November 7th 1952

Last night Twinky and I attended the 22nd Rotary Club dinner and dance at the Park. When we left a terrific gale was blowing – 90mph. We saw several large tree trunks on the road – the wind was quite terrifying.

The cottage now is standing patiently awaiting its topknot. Paul hopes to get the tiles on this week.

January 24th 1953

Today is my birthday. Twelve months ago today I tripped down to Wilsons…to purchase ‘The Den’. Since that sunny day much water has flowed under the bridge, many stones have come down and many bricks have gone up!

Then the roof timbers, chimney and tiles

Twinkie and I are happily betrothed, our cottage is almost completed and we about ready to start on life’s journey together. What more could one ask? My Twink and I are now busily planning inside decoration colour schemes – furniture placing, carpets and curtains.

Diamond paned windows and a garden wall

28th March 1953

We have just written away to book our honeymoon – to all enquiries – destination unknown.

We have progressed favourably with the decorating…the doors… grained oak. We went to London to buy carpets…The Little House seems very warm and cosy with our two fires going, the diamond panes and the big front door give it a most distinguished look.

and finally an historic front door and porch

          Twinky has been to Leicester and got her wedding gown. We are to have three bridesmaids.

19th April 1953

Dashed off to church..Took communion and listened to our banns ‘for the first time of asking’…then off to our little home. Mr Jim Palmer is to give a final painting touch to the interior. We are finished outside. We are now agog, waiting to get carpets  down and curtains up. Very thrilling, watching our home preparing itself to receive us. It has a welcome look on its face and just seems to be waiting for us.

Saturday May 16th 1953

The Church was beautifully decorated – the service was simple and very lovely – my bride was there to the second and looked the happiest and most beautiful bride ever seen. We both listened to the Canon’s speech most carefully and we both said after the ceremony that we enjoyed it terrifically… I vividly remember coming down from the vestry, my new wife on my arm, grinning at each other and both gazing out at the sea of faces- the church was crowded..then out into the sunshine..Then amidst a bustle and a tear, a laughing mob threw confetti and we went away to the reception.

Pip and Cynthia had juggled house building with wedding plans and had achieved their dream. Perhaps the final touch on top of their wedding cake says just how much their love of Geddington meant to them…

…The Eleanor Cross

The final words of this story go to Pip who records these words on the last page of his journal:

‘Our lives are blended together so very securely and happily that to attempt to describe the complete wonder of living is utterly impossible. If heaven has anything more wonderful to offer, then we shall be surprised!’

Thank you Pip, thank you Cynthia, for such a loving record of life in a small cottage in a much loved village.

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  • Sally Barlow says:

    Thank you very much Janet and Pam for putting these extracts from my Dad’s diary in the Geddington archive for posterity and for others to see. It would have been very sad for it to have been lost forever and this is where it should be….. I hope the past, present and future owners of “The Little House” in Lees Way enjoy reading it. I know my parents would have been surprised and chuffed to see it recorded like this.
    Sally Barlow

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