The Village Hall needed you – and you turned up!

The weekend of the 12th and 13th August saw a mixed group of village residents turn up at the Village Hall and start to transform the look of the main hall.

It’s a huge project when you consider the height and breadth of the walls, and the length and width of the ceiling, not to mention all those window and door frames! But with professional equipment and vast quantities of paint, they set about their tasks and by this weekend, the 19th August, the Hall was looking brighter and cleaner than it had done, since it was last painted 15 years ago.

Overseer, John Doran, said, “Although the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade initiated this project, it was thanks to the volunteers from the many groups who use the Hall and the general community, that not only would the task be done, but it would be finished in record time.  Well done, Geddington!”

Well-deserved bacon butties on their way!