Now for something a little different!

A visitor to the website has sent us a puzzle.

He has a silver medallion with the word Geddington on it, so naturally sent it to Geddington’s website to see if anyone can identify it.  Actually, it might not be Geddington as only the letters GEDD  are shown, but it’s worth asking the village .

There are two images – front and back (or to be numismatically correct – obverse and reverse) and as you can see, it is not much bigger than a 20p piece. The engraved letters read, from the top:

(it might have another letter in front, but it is worn at that point,

At the bottom, the engraving is: C.U. followed by an assay mark – the middle mark is a Lion, denoting silver, but the other two marks are illegible.

The obverse side shows a copper-coloured shield, surrounded by a belt and buckle, topped with a crown.

It’s been mounted on a key-ring, although it is not known if this was the original idea.

If you have any information, please get in touch, and I’ll pass the information on to our enquirer.


7 comments on “Now for something a little different!

  • David Brown says:

    Usher B’ham is the makers mark, if they are still in existence they may have records. To me it could be “Geddington and District……..”? Worth a few hours on the net over the weekend, I’ll talk to my father who was village born and bred in the 30’s

    David Brown

  • David Brown says:

    And here is the ‘CU’ next to the hallmarks
    C.U without contour or into a rectangle
    Reuben Percival Usher trading as The Usher Manufacturing Co,
    manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths, Vittoria Works, 32/34 Vittoria Street, Birmingham

    David Brown

  • David Brown says:

    The hallmark on the left should be an anchor (Birmingham) and on the right appears to be ‘E’ which is 1929-1930

  • Having looked online it would seem that the silver is by Charles Usher of Birmingham. Is the third letter of D V C L a ‘C’ or another letter?

  • Melvyn Hopkins says:

    I am now certain that this medal was given to players of the winning team of the Geddington & District Village Cricket League. Geddington players all received medals when they won the League in 1934 but I don’t know who won in 1930

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