Budget Time

It’s that time of year when the Councils must consider what level of taxation they need to make for the next financial year. This decision has to be made by all levels of government – be it Westminster, Borough, Town or Parish.

Northamptonshire County Council’s  proposals for the  budget and council plan have been published and, following consultation, a report will be presented to Cabinet in February. Approval will then be given at a meeting of the Full Council on Thursday, 23 February.

The NCC invite you to
Have your say, by looking through the full proposals and draft council plan on their website.” The Council continues, “We encourage you to take part in the consultation, which is open until 24 January, to have your say on our proposals.” To see the proposals, click on this link:
second year of our four year budget and council plan 

Kettering Borough Council will also be discussing their proposed budget for the forthcoming year at this month.  The Council will be holding a Budget Consultation meeting at 7.00 pm on Thursday, 26th January in the Council Chamber, Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering. The meeting will provide an opportunity to be briefed on the Council’s budget position, key issues, timescales and the challenges the Council will face, post April 2017. Members of the public, as well as local organisations, are welcome to attend.

Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council will be deciding its precept for the forthcoming year at the regular monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 9th January at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Lounge, Queen Street, Geddington. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

2 comments on “Budget Time

  • Resident of Geddington says:

    Parish Council Precept – I remember two years ago the Precept was raised by 50% in Geddington, £1500 to be spent on a lighting column near West End House in West Street. We still await the street light and the £1500 goes to increase the Parish Council reserve fund. Would the chairman like to shed some light on this?

  • John Padwick says:

    Although not the Chair, as a parish councillor living in West Street I thought it might be helpful for a comment from me. The need for the street light in terms of community safety was agreed some time ago and has since been reinforced by the Parish Plan Committee. Considerable work has been carried out by the Parish Council involving residents in the houses adjoining the proposed site and in the house to which the original light was attached which was lost when improvements to the property were made. Both residents objected to the siting of the street light. Liaison has also been carried out with the Borough Council on this matter. The need for the light has not been forgotten and the issue still awaits resolution.

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