A Call for Actors

Here’s an unusual call for help – for actors who need only read the script! But I won’t give too much away, just read John Padwick’s plea.


 Captain Pouch’s Dream

In 1607 a series of riots led by John Reynolds, known as ‘Captain Pouch,’ exploded across Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The cause was the enclosure of land which resulted in many people being evicted from their homes and losing their land and animals. ‘Pouch’ was a charismatic and strange figure who inspired the angry peasants to take things into their own hands by digging up the hedges and throwing down the fences which the new landowners had erected. The riots affected many local villages such as Cotesbach, Haselbech and Withybrook and culminated in a huge battle at Newton in which over 50 people were massacred.

‘Captain Pouch’s Dream’ is a play written by local author Len Holden and is based on the real historical events, which we commemorated by the pageant in Newton in June 2007.  The Cotesbach Educational Trust – based at Cotesbach, Leicestershire, at the junction of the A14/M6/M1, and where another of the riots took place that summer – is hosting these performances.

The play is to be performed as a reading, in that there is no need to learn lines but will be performed reading from the prepared script.

The performance will take place in Cotesbach Stable Yard on

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June

and hopefully later that month in Geddington or Newton.

Actors both men and women are needed:
you do not have to have wide acting experience,
and enthusiastic amateurs are welcomed.

If you are interested contact for a chat:
John Padwick – Tel: 0758 121 0454/ email: johnpadwick@talk21.com
Len Holden – Tel: 01858 446067/ email:  leonard.holden@ntlworld.com
Sophy Newton – Tel: 07720 761285/ email: sophy@cotesbach.net