The Squirt Endured

Once again, the GVFB produce a wonderful show for all the visitors, and residents of Geddington, on a splendid cool Boxing Day.

Engines lined up, ready for duty!
Engines lined up, ready for duty!

The event starts at the Volunteer’s Fire Brigade’s HQ in Grafton Road, their Fire Station, with a gathering of the Geddington team, the Kettering team and their worships, the Mayor & Mayoress of Kettering, Cllr Scott Edwards and his wife, Eve.

Mayor & Mayoress of Kettering, Cllr Scott and Eve Edwards
Mayor & Mayoress of Kettering, Cllr Scott and Eve Edwards

On enquiring about their apparent lack of waterproof clothing, Cllr Edwards told, “I don’t mind getting wet!”

Naturally, some fortification for the battle ahead was needed and some rally-crying of traditional songs and music.

Then the parade down Grafton Road to the Queen Eleanor Cross, where His Worship was introduced to the teams. Then came the traditional march to the former Chief’s grave, that of Mr M J Harker, in Geddington churchyard.

Tradition then led them back to the Cross where Christmas Carols were sung, then finally down Bridge Street, to where the ford led across the River Ise.

Those in the know, had already chosen their place on the bridge and were suitably dressed for the drenching that was to come. Once the teams were in place, Cllr Edwards then started the battle.

Although gamely battling, the Geddington team were unable to withstand the onslaught from Kettering and after five battles, allowed victory to be claimed by Kettering. Again.

And there was more sportsmanship to come! Hearing that the presentation of the trophy was to be made in the middle of the battleground (ford), Cllr Edwards took off his shows to wade in and present the trophy – he really meant it when he said he didn’t mind getting wet!.

Finally, the morning ended with drinks – served by Eric, Nigel and Colin – and a barbecue, at the Cricket Club’s new pavilion.