Council Tax – Precept Consultation

The Parish Council is currently considering what level of precept it needs to make for the next financial year. The precept is the local, Parish element of Council Tax. This time last year the precept was set at £9,000. This level is seen by the Parish Council as almost the minimum needed to run the council and pay for what is termed as minor repairs.

This year several projects that have been put forward and would require precept funding:

  • An extension to the Village Hall car park,
  • Upgrade to the path connecting the village hall to the tennis and bowls clubs,
  • Improving the entrance to Newton to make it safer.

Unfortunately, these projects are not cheap. The current thinking is that an increase to the precept from £9,000 to £20,000 would be required. This would give the council the funds over time to complete the projects without putting an unnecessary burden on residents to complete the work in one year.

The cost to each resident would go from £14.83 for a Band D home to about £33 per year.

Numerous different views have already been voiced and a final decision is due at the Parish Council meeting to be held on 9th January 2017 so is supporting the consultation exercise by encouraging more residents to comment.

What is your view on increasing the precept?
Are these the right projects?
Are there other projects that should be considered?

Comments to the Parish Clerk Email:

If you have questions that you would like to put to the Parish Council, the next Parish Council meeting is at 7.30pm, Monday 12 December in the Village Hall Lounge.