18th Century Rector of Little Oakley

Geddington.net has had a request from Ian Keable, who is looking for information about William Nicholls, who was appointed Rector of Little Oakley in September 1728.


Ian mentions the information that he has been given so far on this gentleman.  It appears that at the same time as holding the post of Rector, he was also Curate of Scaldwell and lived in Scaldwell rather than Little Oakley. He had 5 daughters, none of whom married, so there are no ancestors to trace. He was also buried in Scaldwell in 1756.

Ian has been in touch with a local historian at Scaldwell, who has given him all the information he knows.

Is there a local historian in Geddington, Newton or, of course, Little Oakley, who may be able to provide yet more information on this 18th century Rector?

Contact details for Ian Keable are:
Tel: 020 7263 0261
Mob: 0771 042 0912
Email: ian@iankeable.co.uk

PS The image above is neither William Nicholls nor Ian Keable, it is just a representation and, I hope, adds interest to the page!