Harvest Greetings from Geddington School

Harvest Greetingsharvest-greetings

Headteacher, Martin Adamson, has made several changes at the school and one would find it difficult to argue with the latest one. Instead of distributing harvest gifts to the senior citizens of Geddington, the school has decided to ‘Break with that tradition and send the food we collect to the Kettering Foodbank instead.

Mr Adamson continued: “Having spoken to a number of people around the village, we felt that the food packages we were sending, were not always very helpful and not really meeting the needs of those receiving them. By sending them to the Foodbank, they can be added to the wider collection and, as such, they will make a real difference to people in our area, who are in desperate need.”

The pupils of Class 4 created a poem, which geddington.net has reproduced here (below), along with a lovely picture created by the Reception Class (above). Click on each to enlarge.

harvest-poemFor more details about the Foodbank, click on this image:



One comment on “Harvest Greetings from Geddington School”

  • Frank Harding says:

    We have lived in Geddington for about four years. I cannot recall any comment about this change of a very old tradition or indeed being asked if I even had an opinion. Why can’t we keep our English traditions and trust that the ‘older’ members of the village have enough compassion to realise that if they don’t need the Harvest Festival Gift they can donate it to a food bank?
    One day, Mr Adamson will move on to pastures greener and we will have lost another tradition.
    What’s the next old tradition for the axe . . . Christmas!

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