Mobile Library Service for 2016/2017

Annual Review of the Mobile Library Service

Strategic Manager, Anne Lovely, reports on the Annual Review of this service.

“The review this year has been quite extensive. You may already be aware that we are experiencing on-going mechanical problems with the Mobile Library vehicles, so our aim has been to reconfigure the routes to provide a reliable service for our customers.

We have produced the new timetables by working closely with our drivers, using their insight along with your comments and suggestions. Some stops have been taken out of the new timetables using the following criteria:

  • Special stops to Nurseries, Play Groups and Pre-Schools that are privately owned. These organisations have been informed about the Learning Resources for Education Service.
  • All stops where there is only one exclusive mobile user.
  • Where stops are located close to a static library.
  • Where customers could be better served by our volunteer led ‘Library to You Service.’
  • Where customers already use, or have access to a static library.

    The new routes will begin on 1 July 2016 and are shown on this website. Go to: Village Life/Mobile Library.

    Is the Service being cut?
    Long term mechanical issues with the vehicles has necessitated the complete overhaul of the Mobile Library Service. Wherever possible the changes have been made to ensure that customers are able to make use of the library service in an alternative way. This is about adjusting the routes to offer a sustainable service for those with the greatest need. It is increasingly costly to provide the service with escalating fuel prices.
    Can I Help?
    If you wish to make a financial contribution to support the mobile service, or any other aspect of the library service, such as the supply of large print books, you are welcome to do so.  Just contact the driver or donate online by using the link below.
    What next?
    We review the routes every year.  If you have further suggestions for changes please contact Business Support;
    All suggestions for the next review will be logged for consideration in 2017.

    Anne Lovely, Strategic Manager
    John Dryden House
    8-10 The Lakes
    Northampton NN4

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