Brickyard Garden Open Day 2016

Blue Sky
Brilliant Sunshine

What could be more pleasant that sitting in a garden, surrounded with fellow village residents, refreshments to hand and something for the children to occupy themselves, on a hot and sunny summer’s day?

The Open Day promised all this and it delivered. Those of us who went to last year’s Open Day will have noticed the changes that have been made. The raised beds are surrounded by wood chippings and the plants more mature. The brick shed has a coat of paint and its mural firmly fixed, with the beginnings of its extension showing. The wildflower plateau, and the path to it, has been created, giving a good overview of the whole Garden.

The main event, the unveiling of the Iron Totem Pole, took place at 3pm, as promised. Borough Councillor Mark Rowney performed the honours and, although not as smooth as one of Her Majesty’s might have been, never the less it was performed well and gave added pleasure to the proceedings.

The Totem Pole was manufactured – crafted is perhaps a better word, by Dave McAlwane of Mac Iron Works. Dave has been a fabricator and welder for more than 50 years and served much of his time with Wicksteed Engineering, but now, with his son Daniel, has set up his own business and is creating bespoke designs in wrought iron, such as gates, fences, balustrades and, as our picture shows, garden panels. All items are made to order and as such, are unique.

Dave, Daniel and his wife Linda, can be contacted by:
telephone: 07470 056282 and 07770 516150
or by email:

And for a completely new perspective, has Alan Course of Wood Street to thank for producing this aerial view of the event.

The Brickyard Garden in the foreground, Geddington village in the background.
The Brickyard Garden in the foreground: Geddington village in the background.

This is a first for your website, so many, many thanks for Alan’s pioneering spirit.
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