May Day 2016

May Day
26 May 2016

It starts with a knock on the door.  Upon opening it, each elderly resident will have seen a group of young children, in Victorian style dress. They sang the May Day song and presented a bunch of flowers to each resident. Thank you to all the parents who brought the flowers and who dressed their children in such clever costumes. They looked terrific!

The May Carol
Remember us poor Mayers all,

And hear how we begin
To lead our lives in righteousness
for fear we die in sin

And now my song is almost done
No longer can I stay
God Bless you all, both great and small
And  wish you a joyful May.

This annual village custom started under lowering skies, but by the time the maypole had been surrounded with schoolchildren and the seats all taken, the clouds were breaking and eventually the sun came out – as usual.

1Headmaster, Martin Adamson, took on the role of compere as this village tradition took place under the eyes of Queen Eleanor on her Cross.

The dancing that followed was well practised and almost faultless. There was a good crowd of parents and village residents to watch as the children danced and skipped, and one can only wonder at the thoughts of earlier May Queens as they watched their children perform the same dances as they had done, 20+ years ago.

Thank you to all the teachers for their patience and skills in teaching these dances every year.

Maypole Dancing
Maypole Dancing