Winter 2016 in Geddington

Winter 2016
in Geddington

The 17th January produced the sort of weather that we would expect in an English winter, even in the fairly mild atmosphere of the East Midlands – snow.

However, and as we know, Geddington, along with the rest of the country, has been experiencing much milder temperatures than normal, which has produced some unexpected results in our streets.  In a short walk in the northern half of the village, and without impinging on anyone’s garden, I came across some of the more unusual aspects of nature in 2016.

Apple blossom on the tree on the corner of Castle Gardens and Queen Eleanor Road. This should appear in early spring, so that insects can pollinate the flowers for autumn fruits.

The beautiful flowering Prunus tree near the ford should be in flower in March.
Even though the Crocus tommasinianus outside the church wall is sometimes called the snow crocus, February is its normal flowering time.

And what’s a Daisy doing blowing in the wind of February’s Storm Henry?


So just a few examples of earlier than normal flowering plants.
If you have some in your gardens, do send us some photos that we can put on the website. It’s always a pleasure for me to see someone else’s photos!