29 September 2015 saw a ‘first’ for Geddington’s Volunteer Fire Brigade.

They took on the Eggheads!


Our 5 plum-coated hero firemen were unsuccessful in cracking the Eggheads, but they showed true bravery under the pressure from their orbicular opponents.


If you have ever watched the BBC programme, you will know that each contestant has to go up against one of the Eggheads in a random chosen category. There are 3 questions, asked by Jeremy Vine, and if the score is equal after those, then a ‘sudden death’ round is played. Here then is how it all went down.

IMGP3901First up was Ken Barber, playing against CJ, with questions on Geography. Ken easily answered all 3 of his questions as did CJ, but in the ‘sudden death’ round, Ken answered correctly, but CJ faltered. First round to the GVFB!


IMGP3903Next up was Gyles Dickens with questions on Music. He played against Chris, but could only answer two of his questions correctly, to Chris’s three, so the team lost one member out of the final round.


IMGP3904Ron Snaith took the third round on Arts & Books against Barry. He fared no better than Gyles and so two members were now lost.



Colin Issett reluctantly took the round on Film & Television, IMGP3905although he had the pleasure of choosing Judith to play against. But even this wasn’t enough to get him through to the final. So three members were lost.



IMGP3907The Final Round saw Jerry Lee and Ken Barber taking questions on General Knowledge against the four remaining Eggheads.


In line with the last three rounds they answered the first two questions correctly, but faltered on the last.  The Eggheads, however, did what comes naturally to them, answering all three questions correctly, and winning the contest.


Thank you to the GVFB for giving a regular early evening quiz show, a bit of extra interest. We’re sorry you lost, but with opponents like the Eggheads, and their enormous range of knowledge, it is absolutely no shame to lose to them.

5 comments on “The EGGHEADS v The GVFB

  • Yes, I thought they acquitted themselves well too. It was great that they managed to plug the “Boxing Day Squirt”; will this lead to lots more action on the bridge this December?

  • John Doran says:

    A great display by our GVFB team. Fireman (not a real one of course) Ron Snaith made it all happen. Stories of late nights and alcohol consumption before the event cannot be confirmed. The five representatives were each fined £10 for appearing on National TV as in accordance with tradition, which goes into the funds to support local charities and those in need.
    Very proud of the lads, who put up a good fight. Unfortunately because they mentioned my name, as a 19th century Dutch author, I also got fined £10. Very Harsh.
    The good work of the GVFB continues. Once again well done. J D

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