Geddington University Vacancy

In August, was able to announce
the start of a new project at Geddington’s primary school:


The project has now reached the point where it needs staff
to run and supervise it so here – a first for this website – is a staff vacancy notice!

The school has sent us further information about the project:

Geddington University aims to:

  • To provide a welcoming, calm, safe yet stimulating after school service that enables children to extend their learning within and beyond the curriculum.

  • To provide support and direction for children who are disadvantaged or who have fallen behind in their learning and whose progress can be accelerated through attending the University.

  • To provide a calm environment to complete home learning tasks.

  • To promote and increase participation in sporting activities.

  • To promote cohesion and mutual care/support across the school community.

  • To provide high quality care, with the provision of snack/refreshments.

  • To provide an affordable service for working parents.

Job Opportunity

We require two people per evening to supervise the children attending Geddington University.  The role will involve supporting and organising the children in the various activities as well as providing help for children completing home learning tasks.

Hours:        3.00pm – 5.15pm
Scale:            A
Rate per hour:    £7.06
Start:            28th September (or as soon after as possible)

Main accountabilities

  1. Set up the tables, chairs and other equipment in advance of each session.
  2. Provide children with snacks/refreshments and inform the coordinator when supplies are low.
  3. To ensure that children access the right activity (sport, homework club or IT).
  4. Support children doing homework and listen to children read.
  5. Take a daily register of attendance.
  6. Liaise with HT, coordinator and providers to ensure that children are able to access the specialist programmes.
  7. Supervise the children to ensure a safe, happy and secure environment.
  8. Provide welfare support if a child is injured or unwell (locate a first-aider, call home etc).

We would welcome applications from anyone able to cover two or more evenings a week.
For full details and an application pack please see Mrs Rowley
or email: