What an amazing year for your website

Yes, we have come to the end of the second year of our re-launched website. How quickly the time has gone and what a busy twelve months it has been!

Our aim over the past year was to raise the profile of the website across the village community, particularly with our older residents, and to reach  many families outside the village who have connections to it.

We wanted to put our sponsorship to use in a way that contributed positively to village life and encourage lots of you to work with us in recording life in Geddington.

As a result the Archive Project was born.

Contributions of documents, images, artefacts and personal histories gave our Archive Exhibition in November a breadth we had not dreamed of and so much material for the web -based archive that it has taken us months to set it up and make it available for all. What a remarkable picture of village life it has drawn for us and that picture is still growing as we work through the remaining material.

Over the year the small website team has published about 30 articles providing information, recording events and creating opportunities for feedback from the village. If you are a website user it is a constant reference source for all things Geddington. Perhaps you know someone who isn’t yet ‘tuned in’ – do please encourage them to have a go.

Our hits have also reached an all time high of 70,600 over the year which is good news for us all – we know we are reaching people with the right kind of articles; our sponsors get great exposure and it raises awareness of the village and its attractions amongst others outside the immediate community.

The website team will meet this month to plan for this year. We would like to develop our partnership with the Newsletter; we would welcome a few new committee members and there is a suggestion of another exhibition and an ‘Open Website’ Day to give practical advice about accessing the material on the website.

Thank you for all your support over the year; please consider

  • becoming a sponsor or renewing your sponsorship – just ¬£18pa
  • offering a little of your time to work with us
  • offering us the chance to record your family mementos for our Archive
  • using our Directory if you are a village organisation – listing is free!

Please use the Contact Us button on the website homepage for any or all of these.

Enjoy your website!