The CPRE and Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband Rollout
Mobile Phone Service Quality

Geddington Parish Council has received an invitation from the CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England) to send its response to a number of questions regarding these two subjects.

The CPRE would also like to hear from any residents of the village,  who would be interested in taking part in what is now an essential requirement to modern living.

The message, and the questions, follow:

“The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) recognises that the rollout of superfast broadband throughout Northamptonshire and the provision of high quality mobile phone services are essential for the growth, competitiveness and development of our rural economy, as well as for enhancing the quality of life for those living throughout Northamptonshire. 
You may be aware of the superfast broadband website which provides information about progress towards delivering high speed broadband throughout the county.  It also contains other information, including a map showing areas that have it, or when they are expected to receive it.  You will also be aware of publicity surrounding steps being taken by mobile phone companies to improve the quality and coverage of their services in rural areas.
We realise that achieving high quality broadband and mobile phone services is a difficult task and if there are significant concerns within parishes, we would like to raise them with the superfast Northamptonshire team or with the mobile phone companies as appropriate. 
How you can help us
We are very keen to hear from Parish Councils about your experiences of the superfast broadband rollout and of the quality of your mobile phone services.
To help us, could you please respond to the following questions:
1.        Which parish council do you represent? 

Superfast broadband
2.        Do you think that superfast broadband is important for businesses and homes in your parish?
3.        Do you have superfast broadband in all or part of your parish? 
4.        If you have superfast broadband, what is your experience of its introduction and effectiveness?
Mobile phones
5.        Is a high quality mobile phone service important for businesses and homes in your parish?
6.        Do you have a good quality mobile phone service in all or part of your parish?
If you do not have superfast broadband in all or part of your parish
7.        Are you confident that superfast broadband will become available to all homes and businesses by 2017 at the latest?
8.        If not, what are your experiences and concerns about the proposed rollout of superfast broadband?
If you believe that your mobile phone service is, at least in part, of poor quality
9.        What are the problems you are experiencing?
10.     Are you aware of steps to eliminate those problems and if so, what timescale do you envisage?
Where to send your responses
Please reply to, by the end of February 2015 if at all possible.
Thank you for your help.
Steve Batterby