Good Morning, Geddington!

With just the tiniest of hitches, Geddington’s history has finally gone live on its own website.

Thanks have already been given to those responsible for its appearance – Jack, Janet, Pam and Tony, but we also have to thank all those village residents who loaned us their family’s historical documents and material: without this we wouldn’t have been able to produce either the exhibition in November or this online archive. So many, many thanks to you all!

We would also like to thank the committee’s family members who have put up with this project intruding into their lives for the past 9 months – you’ve all been very patient and understanding.

Now, this almost sounds as if this is it, no more to come? NOT AT ALL! This is just the start. We know there is plenty more material and, what is probably more important, lots more information to come to light and memories to be awakened.

So if, while you are browsing through the Archive, you remember more details or have more information on any of the more than 325¬†¬†items to be seen, please, please do get in touch by putting it in the “Leave a Comment” box.

Looking for a particular person, place, time? Use our Search facility.

Still can’t find it? Contact us by email and we’ll try to help you that way.

In the meantime, please enjoy browsing through the minutiae of our village’s history.